The Group

The Group

With over 20 years of market presence, the BISELARTE Glass Design Group, has been asserting itself as a reference in the glass market with particular emphasis on decorative glass lighting and mirrors. With an ongoing commitment to innovation and development, the BISELARTE has acquired know-how in several areas, resulting in the entry into new market segments. With 3 industrial units and an integrated market strategy of product and the concept developed, BISELARTE Glass Design Group searches for a specialization for each unit in the products produced looking to maximize their skills, sharing the know-how acquired.Currently BISELARTE Glass Design Group works with the most diversified market segments, from the retail to large distribution,  hospitality market, developing products suited to each project matching their specific needs.The development of products requires the combination of design with functionality, valuing the welfare and harmony of the diverse people that cohabit the same space.

The Biselarte Glass Design Group would like to be the reference on a global scale in the market for glass decoration and lighting mirrors for the quality and innovation of its products and processes.


The Biselarte Glass Design Group is committed to developing solutions tailored to its customers' needs through continuous investment in innovation and development, with competitive and differentiating solutions. Thus the BISELARTE Glass Design Group aims to promote the professional and personal development of its employees and creating value for the shareholder structure, based on the creation of strategic partnerships which leads into a sustained and continuous development of the whole group.


In order to bring innovative and differentiated products, the BISELARTE Glass Design Group, has two centers of innovation and development which focuses the development process of new products and market innovations. The existence of a network of credible partners in various areas allows Biselarte to provide diversified solutions and integrate new technological solutions in a changing market and development. With a production-oriented flexibility and innovation, Biselarte Group quickly responds to the market needs and its partners contributing to market development and customer satisfaction.




The Group
About Us
About Us

About Us

Founded in 1993, BISELARTE currently features an area of 8500m2. It is dedicated to mold and process glass and mirror, producing a vast range of decorative products with special emphasis on mirrors (lighting and decorative), washbasins, shower trays, shower enclosures and special glass products. With a strategic orientation for the international market, BISELARTE exports about 85% of its production. As a main objective, BISELARTE wants to expand its influence by increasing the markets where it is present and international recognition as a company of reference known for its quality of service and innovative character.


  • 1993


    BISELARTE - Sociedade de Vidros, LDA foundation
    Employees: 3
    Revenue: 5 000,00$ (25 000,00 €)
    Covered area : 450m2

  • 1994


    Acquisition of the first equipment (Edging machinery)
  • 1998


    Changed location to own building with 700m2
    Acquisition of the first CNC equipment and the first fusing kilm
    Employees: 12
  • 1999


    First sales for export market (France) making a total of 25 000,00$ (125 000 €).
    First logo of the company. 
  • 2000


    Increase on the industrial plant to 1700m2
  • 2003


    New change on the industrial plant: 2520m2
    Employees: 20
    Hits a revenue of 1 000 000 €
  • 2006


    Foundation of OX4, LDA. Specialized unit in the manufacturing of washbasins and shower trays in glass.
  • 2007


    Increase on the industrial plant to 5000m2
  • 2008


    ISO 9001 certification
  • 2009


    Passes to public limited company: BISELARTE, SA
  • 2010


    Hits a revenue of 4 000 000 €
  • 2013


    Development of business strategy focused on export markets
    The first participation in an international exhibition (ISH)
  • 2014


    Renewal of certification under ISO 9001/2015
  • 2015


    Integration of OX4, LDA in BISELARTE structure
    New increase on the industrial plant with over 2000m2 (making a total of 8500m2)
    Employees: 60
    Hits a revenue of 5 000 000€
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